Feb 14 2020

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Penny Picks Penny Stock Alerts – Penny Stock Forums

Penny Picks

Since 1998 has provided the original and one of the first penny stock forums for members to talk about penny stocks. Penny Picks is here for users to engage and learn about the risks and rewards of trading those pesky penny stocks.

Penny Picks has several main sections; Stock Forums, Stock Newsletter and overall penny stock content.

NOTE : Please understand the Stock Newsletter and Stock Forums are not related, a user wishing to receive the newsletter must register for the newsletter, registering for the forums will not have your email added to the newsletter.

What Penny Picks Offers

Stock Portfolio Creation

Penny Picks uses some of the best stock portfolio writers in the industry. If your company needs a well written bio to attract investor, contact us to see what we can do for you.

Marketing Strategy

If your company needs some exposure, Penny Picks can help. Since 1998 we have help many companies achieve their goal, via newsletters, social media and more outlets.

Digital Design

Need some digital design ideas, graphics, logos? Penny Picks has some of the best designers available for your needs. let us do a mockup sample for you beforehand.

Message Boards

Looking for steady in-your-face awareness? We offer banner placements for your website on our message boards.

How Penny Picks Works For You

1 First things first – contact us to discuss your needs. Simply provide us with as much detail as you can for your company needs. We will go over your requests and promptly get back with you on some ideas on how we can you.

2 From here you can decide what is best for your needs. Exposing your company portfolio to our newsletter subscribers is always the quickest impact, from there we can target our social media network.

3 What to expect? We will do all we can to meet your expectations. Going in, after viewing your company we can have a fairly good idea of how our investor network will respond – of course there is never a guarantee regarding results.

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