Feb 14 2020

Best Online Stock Trading Companies, Top 10, online stock trading comparison.

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#1 FirsTrade

Online stock trading comparison

  • Simple tools and affordable trading platform online
  • Easy chart and graph analysis with stock information
  • A simple and clean layout and interface
  • iPhone app for checking the investments anywhere
  • Major research tools e.g. streamers and screeners

Firstrade is a stock trading service which supports both the serious as well as the casual investor. Their commission schedule is quite straightforward and impressive. They are quite experienced as web-brokers and charge the least amount for each trade. Alongside quality tools they’d always ensure quality service at all levels. Their research tools would help you figure out stocks that don’t match your portfolio and filter them out.

Online stock trading comparison

#2 TradeKing

Online stock trading comparison

  • Smart Money ranked TradeKing no 1 in 2010
  • Long Term Investing 4 Stars by Barrons 2011
  • “Best For Options Traders” by Barrons 2009-2010
  • Best Browser online broker 4 stard by Barrons 07-11
  • “Terrific” customer support

As far as services offered by TradeKing are concerned, you can expect the following from this online trading platform. Competitive pricing It has structured just a flat rate to carry out trades and for contracts pennies. In the event you have to increase your trade, you continue paying the same.

Online stock trading comparison

#3 OptionsHouse

Online stock trading comparison

  • Started public trading operations in the year 2007
  • Most affordable discount broker online
  • Access to quality trading tools
  • Earned 4.5/5 from Barron’s Annual Review
  • Free 30 days investment tutorials on account opening

Don’t get misled by the name, OptionsHouse is more than just Options Trading. The online broker has earned title of “Best for options traders”, by Barron’s. Although trading is entirely browser based, nevertheless, you can also use it as a downloadable program. In order to open an account, you need to invest a minimum amount of USD$1,000. As far as parameters like value for money, customer support, process of joining, ease of navigation, and research educational programs are concerned, OptionsHouse surely gets 5 star rating.

Online stock trading comparison

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