Feb 14 2020

StockChartX WPF C# Financial Stock Chart Component Library with Source Code, Modulus, stockmarketquotes.


Financial Charting Component for .NET

StockChartX WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation) is our financial charting solution for Microsoft WPF, based on our original StockChartX stock chart library.

StockChartX WPF was developed to take advantage of the WPF framework, offering several new charting features, including heat maps, gradient painting, anti-aliased lines, animations, and more.

Just like our COM-based financial chart, StockChartX WPF supports 3D Candlesticks, Renko, Kagi, Three Line Break, Point & Figure, Candlevolume, Equivolume, Shaded Equivolume, Heikin Ashi Candlesticks, Darvas Boxes, and the most popular Technical Analysis formulas.

What’s New

StockChartX WPF supports all popular features of the original StockChartX, plus:

1. A brand new codebase, developed in C#.

2. A new feature displaying heat-maps of technical indicators.

3. Maximize, minimize, and restore buttons for chart panels.

4. Horizontal volume bars.

5. Dragable x and y scale.

6. Screen animations, gradients, and anti-aliased drawings.

7. Theme support.



We asked more than 1,200 traders which charting features and technical indicators they wanted in StockChartX. There were lots of valuable feature requests, and we added them all.

StockChartX features real-time, tick-by-tick charting with High-Low-Close bars, Open-High-Low-Close bars, 2D & 3D Candlestick charts, Renko, Kagi, Three Line Break, Point & Figure, Candle-Volume, Equi-Volume, Shaded Equi-Volume, Heikin Ashi Candlesticks, Darvas Boxes and other price styles.

You can chart real-time market data; insert buy, sell, or exit symbols; insert text, trend lines, custom images, multiple indicators, and overlay indicators (share scales); display charts with semi-log or linear scaling; print charts; save charts as images; save/load charts as binary files and more.

You can also add additional functionalities programmatically using the provided examples with C# source code.

Technical Indicators

StockChartX also features over 80 popular technical indicators which can be customized with user-defined parameters. Our technical indicators have been validated by their authors whenever possible, so you can be sure the calculations are correct. That’s why our technical indicator library has won numerous awards by Futures magazine and Stocks & Commodities magazine.

Ongoing Development

We recently added Elder Ray, Keltner Channel, Coppock Curve, Twiggs Money Flow and other popular indicators, and the latest version of StockChartX has better graphics and is over 37% faster than previous versions thanks to are new bitmap double buffering support for WPF.

Why StockChartX?

When we originally developed StockChartX, we could not find a financial charting component robust enough to meet the requirements of our clients. It seemed that all stock chart libraries out there were developed by. well, charting component companies.

The reality is that charting component companies seem to know very little, if anything, about finance. Their financial charting libraries are normally bundled with other standard charting components: doughnut charts, pie charts, fancy 3D surface charts and reporting engines.

The majority of charting products out there produce financial charts which are inadequate because their financial charting interfaces were designed as an afterthought.

So we decided to build our own financial charting component to meet our clients’ needs. Today, StockChartX is the preferred stock charting component of developers and traders around the world.

M4 WPF Trading Platform

If you’re looking for a complete trading application framework based on StockChartX WPF, have a look at the WPF edition of our M4 Trading Platform.

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