May 6 2020

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Free trip to hawaii

All rooms are in a Hawaiian rainforest setting amidst ferns and flowers, and less than 5 minutes to the world’s most active volcano, Kīlauea. With 5 unique room types and 22 rooms, Volcano Inn Hawaii Hotel is sure to have accommodations to fit your needs. Each room includes at least the following:

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Island Style Breakfast

Every morning, our hostess gets up at 5:30 am to prepare fresh island style breakfast for you. The typical breakfast includes papaya bowls and banana bread. Our hostess cuts the fresh papayas in half and decorate each one of them with locally sourced Hawaiian bananas and healthy plain yogurt. With the same Hawaiian apple bananas, our hostess uses the secret recipe to bake the homemade banana bread from scratch. On most mornings, the aroma of baked goods floats from the kitchen into the common area with a warm fireplace. Breakfast time is from 7-9am. Stop by early to get your fresh and delicious homemade breakfast. Next up, you’ll learn the ultimate way to unwind after your long adventurous day.

Hot Tubs in Rainforest

You need a vacation. Immerse yourself in relaxation in our 24-hr hot tubs nestled in the middle of our rainforest garden. Take that break you need. Let the hot water release your tension and experience a true getaway. The hot tubs are surrounded by the native endemic Hawaiian rainforest plants such as Ohia and Hapuu. The 6-person turquoise hot tub with 30+ jets is the ultimate way to relax after a long day of adventuring and sightseeing. Your room will come with robes for your convenience. The hot tub is cleaned everyday so know with peace of mind that you will soak yourself in clean & clear hot water. Next, you will learn about the lush rainforest garden that the hot tubs are situated in.

Rainforest Garden

Nestled amidst the Hawaiian rainforest, Volcano Inn on Big Island will give you an opportunity to walk along and experience our lush native hawaiian rainforest outside of your room. Step into a small trail that was carved in the middle of the rainforest and walk in to have an authentic rainforest experience. The natural rainforest is maintained every day by our crews. Over the years, we also invited a few prestigious guests such as Anthurium and Rhododendron to give the rainforest a lively look. Come see the rainforest and beauty for yourself. After you experience the natural Hawaiian rainforest, hop into your car and drive to see the most active volcano in the world in 5 minutes.

Near Volcano National Park

Hawaii Volcanoes National Park is the biggest and most famous attraction that travelers flock to when they visit the Big Island. Many people staying in Kailua Kona resorts (west side of the island) do not realize it takes 5 or more hours to drive back and forth from Kona to Kilauea Caldera. A lot of visitors ended up booking a room at Volcano Inn as a last minute walk-in. Avoid the common mistake and allocate enough time to stay in the Volcano area if you plan to visit the most active volcano in the world. Volcano Inn is a 5-minute drive to the National Park. Book today for your Big Island getaway.

Relax By Lanai

This is your time off. Take the time you need and relax by our Lanai, large glass-in veranda commonly found in Hawaii. The lush rainforest that surrounds all of our rooms gives you the feeling of a calm escape into nature. Grab a cup of coffee and island style breakfast in the morning. Look out into the quiet beauty of the serene Hawaiian rainforest through the big floor to ceiling windows surrounding the lanai area. A wise Hawaiian proverb is: Hahai no ka ua i ka ulu laau. It means the rain follows after the rainforest. If you destroy the rainforest, the rain will cease to fall, and land will become a desert. If it rains during your stay here, according to the Hawaiian culture, it’s a blessing.

Starting from $99/night

Our room rates range from $99/night for two people in our incredibly affordable B&B rooms to $299/night for 8 people in our Deluxe rooms featuring kitchenettes and fireplaces. You are eligible for discounts starting from 15% to 40% when you book multiple nights on our rooms. The longer you stay, the less you pay. Say hello to savings!

Five different room styles

With 5 different room styles and 22 guest rooms, Volcano Inn Hawaii Hotel is sure to have accommodations to fit your needs. We have lodging for singles, couples, families, large groups and tour groups. Find your most suitable accommodation, and we’ll provide the comfort and relaxation for your stay on the Big Island.

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