May 7 2020

Universities near houston tx – Video

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Universities near houston tx


Houston, Texas (TX) Colleges and Universities

There are 86 colleges and universities in Houston, Texas (TX). Read about the schools closest to Houston, highest graduation rates, largest student bodies, and lowest net costs to find the school for you.

There are plenty of traditional public and private non-profit college opportunities for potential students in the city of Houston, TX. There is an expansive university with many programs to explore, a more affordable community college, and a private institution that offers smaller class sizes, among others. Data from the National Center of Education Statistics (NCES) has been used to determine proximity to Houston, school size, cost, and graduation rates for these schools.

Schools Near Houston

For students valuing proximity to the city, Houston has plenty of options within a 2-mile radius. There is a mix of 2 and 4-year private and public institutions. Below are the schools closest to the city.

Largest Schools in Houston

The city of Houston has 4 large colleges within a 25-mile radius, all having 10,000 or more students. Below are the largest schools near the city.

Find schools that offer these popular programs

Lowest Net Cost

The cost of attending school is often an important factor when selecting a college to attend. NCES determined the net prices for these schools by subtracting the average amount of government or institutional financial aid a full time undergraduate student received from the total cost of attending the school. The following net prices are from NCES for the 2014-2015 academic year. The Houston colleges listed below offer the lowest net prices among traditional schools in the area.

Highest Graduation Rate

Prior to choosing a college or university, students also might want to consider the success of a college and its students. NCES determines overall graduation rates based on full-time students who completed their programs in 150% of the ‘normal time’ (e.g. six years for a bachelor’s program). The following schools have the highest graduation rates among public and private schools in Houston.

Several different evaluation criteria was presented with the objective of helping students make an informed and confident decision about their future.


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